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Salazar student learning proper trick-or-treating habits while getting candy.

Best Buddies Team Up With Salazar

Spooky tricks were abound in a sea of treats on Halloween as Salazar Elementary School trick-or-treated at Payton.  For the eleventh year in a row, Payton opened its doors to the community in order to spread some Halloween spirit.  Salazar students have been coming to the school since Payton’s opening, but only began coming to […]

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Several advisories work together to raise awareness for child soldiers, Sweetness Day, 2014.

Payton requires 3 service learning projects for graduation

The service-learning policies for Chicago Public School high school students aim to enhance a student’s learning by combining class curriculum with volunteer opportunities. Several years ago, Walter Payton College Preparatory implemented a policy within that of the CPS policy: rather than simply volunteering for forty hours throughout four years of high school, Payton students are […]

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Volunteer at the Halo House

This year why not try giving back to your community? Most have a wonderful time with family when the holidays come around, but for some in Chicago that is not the case. Many of the homeless in Chicago are often deprived of basic necessities that they need to survive. The Halo House is a small […]

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Coach Escobar: High Expectations for Girls Upcoming Soccer Season

This spring, the Walter Payton Girls Soccer Team is excited to welcome Coach Escobar as their new head coach. Esco shares some of his goals and discusses his coaching philosophy for the upcoming season with the Paw Print.

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#1 movie horror movie in America? More like a waste of 89 minutes. After watching the 2014 horror movie “Ouija,” a movie literally about a board game, I was extremely disappointed. Essentially, without spoiling anything, the movie is about a girl who commits suicide and her friends attempt to use a Ouija board to contact […]

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Girls golf 2014

Par for the course: Another successful golf season

The Walter Payton Girls Golf team claimed the title of City Champions for another consecutive year, continuing the dynasty of the team who has won seven of the past eight years. The win was a great way to end the season, beating out Whitney Young-the closest competition during the season. During the season, the girls […]

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kathleen hanna

3rd Wave Feminism

Staff Writer Cecilia Valdez   Many are at the very least familiar with punk rock but even those who claim to love the genre remain unaware of its subset: feminist punk rock . In the D.C. area, a movement had been started to focus on more political issues. In the Pacific Northwest   found herself wanting […]

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Chicago’s 400 Million Dollar Gift

This summer George Lucas, the “Star Wars” creator, announced his plan to build a first-of-its-kind interactive museum of artwork and movie memorabilia, The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, in Chicago. Leaving the city to wonder what Lucas had planned for the its lakefront. Inquiries ended Monday when Ma Yansong, the principal designer of the Lucas […]

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Senior Morgan McFall pushes through the last of her college applications.

A Senior’s Perspective

If you talk to any of the current seniors, there’s a good chance you’ll run across a pretty stressful topic: college applications. As one of those seniors, I can tell you that they are all I’ve been thinking about for the last couple months. Besides the fact that they’re so time-consuming, college applications also bring […]

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Mizzou is a typical big university.

College Visit Review: University of Missouri at Columbia

The University of Missouri at Columbia, affectionately called “Mizzou” by staff, students, alumni, and admirers, hovers along the border between the liberal North and the Deep South. In a location where an hour’s venture south could land you in a sea of Confederate flags, this college town bubble has all the telltale signs of your […]

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