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12 Things All Dog Owners Can Relate To During Winter

http://www.giphy.com 1. When it’s freezing outside and your dog wants to be walked.   http://www.goofygifs.com LOL NO 2. When you’re walking your dog, and they have to obsessively stop and sniff every patch of yellow snow. http://www.teen.com Is that really necessary? 3. When you have to do a dance around salt on the sidewalks with […]

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Ice Cold Fashion

This winter, the cold temperatures and snowfall came early in mid-November, so Payton came prepared. Nathan Bahadursingh ’15 rocks a plaid shirt, with a white tee underneath, standard black pants, comfy shoes, and a jean jacket to stay warm. Layers are must for this season. Who said that floral prints was only for Spring and Summer? […]

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12 Things About Winter Every Chicagoan Can Relate To

By Cecilia Valdez and Chloe Wilson 1) The difficulty of deciding whether to dress so that you are warm outside and risk dying of heat exhaustion inside, or getting to school/work partly frozen and having to spend your day thawing and chilled. Photo by Dogbertio 14 2) The mix of chills and sweat while shoveling […]

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22 Things To Do This Winter Break

Twelve fifteen on December 19, 2014 kicks-off Payton’s two week winter break. Many of us are great at entertaining ourselves for the first couple of hours but after a while we tend to run out of ideas. You may find yourself searching the internet for “fun things to do when you are bored,” but the […]

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End College App Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life, and college application season makes that stress seem almost unbearable. There’s no way to completely eliminate your stress, but you can learn a few tips to manage it. Don’t procrastinate Finish your application a solid five days before it’s due. Giving yourself time before you have to hit […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope that your holiday was full of holiday food, relaxation, and sleep. Three more weeks of classes until the next break! Original illustration by Hana Goodman.

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The Email that Changed Payton

On November 24, 2014 at 7:39 AM, the entire student body received what started as a simple, and wholesome email. The message was a mass email was sent out by AP Microeconomics teacher Mrs. Kathryn Person, to notify students about several books that had gone missing from the classroom and ask that they be returned. […]

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22 Things We Forget To Be Thankful For

November 27, 2014 is the glorious day we will sit around our dining room tables that are exquisitely adorned with all types of delicious food. Most of us recognize the Thanksgiving holiday as a time for stuffing ourselves to the brim with our favorite holiday foods and a time when we are supposed to be […]

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Best Buddies Team Up With Salazar

Spooky tricks were abound in a sea of treats on Halloween as Salazar Elementary School trick-or-treated at Payton.  For the eleventh year in a row, Payton opened its doors to the community in order to spread some Halloween spirit.  Salazar students have been coming to the school since Payton’s opening, but only began coming to […]

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Several advisories work together to raise awareness for child soldiers, Sweetness Day, 2014.

Payton requires 3 service learning projects for graduation

The service-learning policies for Chicago Public School high school students aim to enhance a student’s learning by combining class curriculum with volunteer opportunities. Several years ago, Walter Payton College Preparatory implemented a policy within that of the CPS policy: rather than simply volunteering for forty hours throughout four years of high school, Payton students are […]

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