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Another Great Spirit Week and Homecoming (Continued)

Payton celebrated Spirit Week during the week of September 22nd-September 26th. Below are pictures that didn’t make it into the print edition. To view the photos in the print edition, click October 2014 under “Print Archives.”

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Stay Organized This School Year (Continued)

5. Calendar – Having a calendar is a great way to keep track of everything in your busy schedule. Why leave it to chance by solely trying to recall everything you have to do? A calendar is a reliable way to see what you have to do. 4. Folders and Notebooks – Separate folders and […]

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Politics Heat Up Summer of 2014 (continued)

Scotland Potentially Leaving Great Britain In July a very heated argument found itself at the forefront of European affairs. Scotland, a member of Great Britain since 1707, began talks to help determine whether they should become completely autonomous. Update: On September 18, Scotland voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom, a decision which […]

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Bulls Show Promise in Preseason Games

Bulls vs. Hornets Sunday night featured another preseason win for the Bulls topping the Charlotte Hornets 101-96 at the United Center. The game featured Hinrich with the game-high of 26 points and finally a very impressive Derrick Rose, joining his teammates with only 7:22 left in the fourth. Since he was took out against the […]

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Chicago Blackhawks Start Week Strong

Blackhawks vs. Predators Saturday night, the Nashville Predators took the Blackhawks into OT at the United Center, before the Hawks pulled out a win. Captain Jonathan Toews’ put back his own rebound on a shorthanded breakaway to win the game. Scoring in only the first period and overtime, the Hawks had more than forty minutes […]

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5 Tips for Surviving the 5 Day Week

The dreaded five day week is upon us. Here are some tips for survival: 1. Prioritize To make the most of your limited free time, prioritize your work. Do the biggest assignments in your earliest classes first so you can finish the rest during lunch if needed.   2. Make use of enrichments To create […]

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FitBit: Payton’s Newest Health Trend

You have probably seen a good number of people walking around with what looks like a basic silicone bracelet on their wrists. They come in a variety of colors ranging from neutral blacks to colorful pinks and blues. Many of these “bracelets” are actually called Fitbits and are currently all the rage in the health […]

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Girls Volleyball Eliminated?

Going into tonight’s game Payton had an advantage against rival Whitney Young. Payton’s team had defeated Whitney during the regular season and had improved their game since then. The first set started off with a 1-0 point advantage due to a Whitney service error. Whitney quickly gained control, but had no huge advantage – the […]

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Payton's prepares for serve-receive.

Girls Volleyball Advances to City Semifinals

Payton Girls volleyball easily defeated AgSci in two sets to advance to the City Semifinals this Thursday. Senior Marlee Nork started the game with a 3-0 run. Alina Rosales bounced the team back after two unfortunate errors with a no block kill. The game stayed close until senior Bridget Hayes gave the team a needed […]

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Hubert Mysliwiec (‘17) and Rose Jacobs (‘17) didn’t know it was Flannel Friday but were excited to learn about it.

Style Watch: Flannel Friday

Have you seen Payton’s latest fashion trend? Many Payton student’s are avid participants in Flannel Friday. Sara Reilly (‘15) says “Flannel Friday is my favorite day of the week because flannel is so versatile and comfortable.” You can wear a t-shirt under an unbuttoned flannel shirt to stay warm or you could tie the shirt […]

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