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Cricket anyone?

By Violeta Lialios-Bouwman Staff Writer Beginning in the 16th century in the grassy dew drop fields of Southern England, a now very popular sport evolved, the national sport of England. Cricket, a classic bat-and-ball game consists of two teams of eleven players. The essence of the game is indeed a lot like baseball, but varies […]

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2014 NBA Finals

The NBA Finals haven’t had a consecutive match-up since the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz in 1997 and 1998.  The 2013 Finals went seven games with the Miami Heat defeating the San Antonio Spurs to win their second straight title in three straight appearances.   This year, the Heat and Spurs meet again. With San […]

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"America's Got Talent" Finale Week Red Carpet

Standardized tests to define success?

Juniors around the city spent the last school year preparing for standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT. Students have had the opportunity to take the ACT several times in the last few months, including the PSAE testing on April 23 and 24. In fact, at this point many students have begun to receive […]

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Review: “Last Chance High”

“Last Chance High,” a new documentary series from Vice, chronicles the lives of students at CPS’s only therapeutic day school, Moses Montefiore Academy. The school’s purpose is to educate troubled teens who can not succeed in a traditional learning environment due to their behavioral problems. The documentary portrays the students without voiceovers or intervention from […]

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Creative teens working a summer internship with After School Matters.

Need a Summer Job?

    Summertime-Chi is always busy, and is essentially an open market for teen employment! If you’re looking for a fun way to gain work experience, set your sights on a specific career path, or even just gain some extra cash, pursuing a summer job position or internship may be the right move for you! […]

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A group of freshman are relieved to be done with finals.

Freshman Advice

By Sammy Cousino and Emma Oehring A new year is just around the corner, bringing in a whole new class of freshmen. This one is for you class of 2018. Here is advice current freshmen wish they were given before they started at Payton: Freshman Eli Selz says, “prioritize.” Freshman Casey Jackson says, “get organized.” […]

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9 Fun Things to do With Friends in the Warm Weather

1. DIVVY BIKING Biking through Divvy is not only fun but extremely convenient. This way, you don’t have to bring your bike to school if you want to ride with your friends. It isn’t difficult to spot a Divvy station as there are over one-hundred across the city, and several close to Payton. This activity […]

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Best Patios in Chicago

James Malnati Top 3 Patios in Chicago Big Star Located in the heart of Wicker Park, this trendy taco restaurant’s patio is one of the most popular locations in Chicago. Bigger than the actual restaurant itself, the patio is dense and lively, defined by giant yellow umbrellas and multitudes of “see and be seen” hipsters. […]

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“Fangirl”: A Good Summer Read

By Lileana Calvillo Staff Writer Cath is eighteen and off to her first year of college, but she’s not looking forward to it with the same giddy anticipation as her twin sister, Wren. Instead, Cath is facing freshman year with dread, peanut butter jars, and energy bars. Split into the first and second semester, Rainbow […]

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photo (3)

Four Summer Fashion Tips

Paw Print By Ethan May Staff Writer Going into summer, many people worry about what is and is not the latest fashion and whether they will be complimented or criticized for their wardrobe choices. As the fashion king of Chicago, I would like to give, you, the youth, some tips on how to turn heads […]

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