Concert Etiquette

IMG_20130803_192505In a huge city like Chicago, where concerts and festivals are being held nearly every weekend, it is easy to trample some toes (literally and figuratively) while attending one of it’s many events.

If it is your first time going to a concert or festival, it may not be obvious to you when something you’re doing is impolite or disturbing to others.

Even if it is not your first time attending a major event, it’s always good to have your memory refreshed on concert and festival etiquette.

Here’s a short list of things you shouldn’t do, or should be mindful of at a major event:

1.When you finish your drink, don’t throw it over the crowd so that it spills on everyone as it soars overhead.  If you have a backpack (though we recommend you have a camelbak), put the empty drink in there, or set it on the floor and throw it out after the performance.

2.When moshing, keep in mind there are those who are smaller and weaker than you. Unfortunately, not everyone can handle the intensity of moshing, and smaller people are easily trampled and crushed in the process, or may lose their belongings in the craze of the mosh pit.

3. It’s easy to get caught up in a song and forget that you’re at a concert, not at home singing in your shower. Remember that the people around you didn’t come to hear you sing. Don’t scream out every lyric to a song or you might end up drowning out the actual artist.

4.Respect the Porta Potties. This can’t be stressed enough. Everyone needs to use the bathroom at some point in the festival, so don’t make the trip unpleasant for others by TP’ing the porta potties, throwing full toilet paper rolls down the hole, cutting someone in line,  or using the bathroom in places other than the hole itself. Seriously. Please don’t.

5. Buddy-ing up with people is a good idea, especially at festivals, but do not leave the people you came with. Not only is it scary getting lost in a large mob of people, but it is also important that you look after your friends. Making sure that nothing happens to them is a surefire way of enjoying your entire music festival experience!

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