Don’t be disdressed

James Malnati '15 and Hannah Berman '14 show off their style.

James Malnati ’15 and Hannah Berman ’14 show off their style.

Lately there have been rumors around the school that there is no longer a dress code at Payton. Since day one of the school year, students have shown up in short shorts and belly revealing shirts. No one has been sent to the office by security guards or Ms. Washington or forced to wear the oh-so-unfashionable gym shorts.

Officer Watkins gave some intel on this matter to set it straight. When asked about the dress code she said, “As far as anything sent out officially, no, there has not been anything, but there is one [dress code] coming to students very soon. It actually never went away, but the enforcement has been a little on the lax side until we can get something that is fair for everyone.”

If you remember last year, there were students who were thought to be wearing clothing not suitable for school and were required to go to the main office, but that has yet to occur this year.

Here is what Officer Watkins had to say about that: “That is because we have not officially put out anything so we do not want to enforce something that has not been expressed to everyone, so they could understand what the rules and regulations are.”

Whether or not students will be pulled into the office this year is still unknown, but according to Officer Watkins, “The consequences of not following that policy will be explained in an email or piece of literature that will be passed out to all staff and students.

Keep an eye out for the school dress code to find out what has or hasn’t changed.

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