R.A.N.T. Ridiculously Aggravating Narratives Today

Okay, seriously. We need to talk. There are austere issues that are ridiculously aggravating and incredibly annoying that need to be discussed right now.

For example: spiral notebooks. Once, I was trying to pull out a notebook from my bag, and the spiral became attached to another spiral, untwisting both spines.

You can never put those things back together, and to add to the dilemma it scratched me. I have had this problem every year of my academic career, and it makes me so angry. Ugh. It’s not just me right?

Don’t get me wrong. Going back to school is exciting, nerve-racking, and altogether quite tiring. I mean, we go to Payton.

Can we all agree that most of us are stressed out and like to have things our way? Let’s hear what some students had to say about the back to school experience and all of the frustrating everyday problems that come with it:

Alexis McIlrath ‘15: “Not having a planner.”

Sam Sylvander ‘14: “I wish we had paper towels in the bathrooms. I am always late to class because I’m drying my hands.”

Gabriel Geleerd ‘15: “Why don’t those gosh darn magnets that hold the doors open never work?”

Wade Wagner ‘15: ‘I’m mad ‘cuz I have nothing to rant about.”

Ivana Alardi ‘17: “How come there is not a large variety of food choices at lunch?”

Mireya Gomez ‘17: “It’s annoying that everything has to be checked on Moodle.”

Julia Huebner ‘16: “2a Lunch is breakfast.”

Elena Johnston ‘16: “Orange is possibly the worst color you could pick to wear.”

Violeta Lialios-Bouwman ‘15: “I hate how we have to pay 15 cents for utensils in the cafeteria.”

IMG_9905 (2)

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