Divvy bikes race around the city

“Divvy” is a bike sharing program launched by the Chicago Department of Transportation that has put thousands of bikes around the city for public use.

The system allows for people to pick up a bike at any of the stations around the city,  ride it to their destination, and dock it when they are finished. There are 4000 bikes currently in circulation with 400 docking stations.

With an annual subscription of $75, all rides under 30 minutes are free.  After 30 minutes, an additional fee is charged.

If a docking station is full, Divvy will give you an extra 15 minutes free to get to the nearest station.  This is designed for people who commute to work or school, allowing them to pick up a bike by their house and drop it off by their destination.

Bike sharing is “an innovative new transportation system you can use without having to own your own bike… They are transit systems which allow users to control their own travel and is intended to be used for short, quick trips (typically less than 2 miles),” according to Divvy’s website.

Currently, there are three active stations in the Payton area, located at Seward Park, Wells and Walton, and Clark and Elm.  It is a convenient option for students who live close to school, but don’t want to deal with the hassles of the CTA.

The area also has numerous bike-friendly streets.  Wells and Clark both have bike lanes, and there is always the lakeshore bike path.  Even with winter approaching, the number of Divvy bike users is growing.

Any Chicagoan walking around the city is sure to see a rider on the now-infamous blue bikes.

Although there are still issues to face, such as safety and accessibility, Divvy bikes are sure to be a hit.


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