Vegans and vegetarians: To eat or not to eat?


Mixed feelings are normal  for students on their first day of school: excited students ready to learn, tired students back from vacations and trips, and bored students hoping to hang out with friends more often.

For a certain set of students, the first day of school came with a startling announcement: the school cafeteria no longer serves a vegan or vegetarian option.

Many students have begun to change their diets, joining the ranks of those becoming more aware of both health and environmental issues.

Whether students choose a specific diet for health or for personal reasons, the fact remains that they now lack options previously offered. Students who once  relied on the cafeteria for lunch must look for alternatives.

Daisy Arellano‘15 said that the amount of time it takes to get to school prevents her from packing her own lunch. Though she is a vegetarian by choice, she points out that “a lot of people can’t eat meat for one reason or another.”

Many other students also may not be able to pack their own lunch, or even have the resources to obtain organic healthy foods.

The lack of options in the cafeteria inconveniences those physically unable to eat meat and those who choose a meat-free diet, both of whom rely on the cafeteria to provide for their dietary choices.

The back-to-school season brings many changes to the way every school functions. In order to provide for and respect dietary needs and choices, students should have the right to a vegetarian or vegan lunch meal.

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