Looking for a Scare This Halloween?

Navy Pier’s The Fear runs Thursday to Sunday through Halloween and is sure to scare.  Photo by Hannah Berman ‘14

Navy Pier’s The Fear runs Thursday to Sunday through Halloween and is sure to scare.
Photo by Hannah Berman ‘14

October: the month of changing leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, and of course, Halloween. And what would Halloween be without a few good scares? Haunted houses are probably the best way to get terrified while still having fun. There is nothing better than getting the pants scared off you while being chased by a mad serial killer wielding a chainsaw or a crazed clown intent on freaking you out. Sound like something you want to experience? Here are a few haunted houses in and near Chicago where you can find clowns, serial killers, and everything in between.

 Six Flags Great America Fright Fest:

Fright Fest runs from September 28 to October 27 on select Thursdays, and every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the evening and throughout the day. They have added two new haunted houses, making a grand total of 6 houses in the park. Though you have to pay park admission ($32.50-$49.99) and pay an additional $19.99 for a wristband to get into the houses, it’s worth it because the wristband gives you unlimited access to the houses throughout the day. The haunted houses are sure to be frightening just based on their names!  Will you get trapped in the Bermuda Triangle when you enter The Abyss? Attempt to travel through total darkness with only your ears, hands, and feet as guides in Total Darkness. Will you fall victim to zombies on your walk through the Wicked Woods? Will you go on a tour of the Manslaughter Manor  where a family was murdered and come out alive? Can you escape the grasp of the hospital’s mental patients in the Massacre Medical Center? And if you even try to enter the Mausoleum of Terror, avoid the zombies at all costs. These haunted houses are sure to be thrilling and you can still enjoy the amusement park rides before 6:00 p.m. (when the haunted houses open).


Statesville Haunted Prison:

This haunted house is like a 2 for 1 deal because you can get into two haunted houses for $30. The prisoners of Statesville have taken over the prison, and you have to escape their grasp alive. And if you escape the prison (which isn’t likely), you have to work your way out of the City of the Dead. Statesville is open Thursday through Sunday in the evenings. If you do decide to go, enter if you dare…


13 Terrors:

This is a great option for those of you who don’t want to pay too much for a ticket but still want to get really frightened. For only $10 you get a ticket to the Theatre on the Lake’s 13 Terrors. Theatre on the Lake is located right on Fullerton and Lakeshore Drive and is open on weekends in the evenings so it would be a great end of the week activity to do with friends.


The Fear:

The Fear is located at Navy Pier and is open Thursdays through Sundays in the evenings and tickets are only $20. Zombies are rampant at The Fear, and they are out for your blood. Hope you make it out alive…


These are only a few of the many haunted houses around the city. They are sure to bring the fear factor, and the fun to Halloween.

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