9 Fun Things to do With Friends in the Warm Weather


Biking through Divvy is not only fun but extremely convenient. This way, you don’t have to bring your bike to school if you want to ride with your friends. It isn’t difficult to spot a Divvy station as there are over one-hundred across the city, and several close to Payton. This activity is perfect for after school and even better on seminar days! Divvy has made it easy to rent bikes with their $7 24-hour pass which allows you unlimited rides for 30-minute periods. Give Divvy a shot!


Bring your bathing suits to Lake Michigan to cool off when it gets too hot. If you don’t like the lake, find a friend with a gym membership and go to the pool there. Either way, you don’t have to pay! Make sure to bring your speakers to jam to your favorite tunes and some snacks just in case you get hungry.


Don’t forget that there are several places in Chicago with free live music! If you go to Grant Park, Millenium Park, or a cafe with a stage on the lake, they offer concerts pretty often. Look up their schedules and go to a concert; there’s nothing to lose.


If you have a rooftop, invite a group of friends to hang out. Rooftops are great because you can see the city and look at the stars at night while enjoying a barbecue or a potluck party!


If your backyard doesn’t already have one, build a garden with a friend. Plant seeds of your choice, water them, and watch them grow! If your backyard isn’t the place for a garden, but you still want to garden, look into community gardening. Volunteer to garden with a friend and earn service hours.


You get to enjoy warm weather, great food, great art, and whatever else these character-filled festivals have to offer. A couple coming up are the Festival del Taco, Lincoln Park Greek Fest, Ribfest, 57th Street Art Fair, and Old Town Art Fair, all happening in between May 30 and June 15.


Bring your lawn chairs and blankets to movies in the park! You get to watch a free movie in the evening on a big screen while sitting in the grass with your friends. These movies are very comfortable because they aren’t nearly as crowded as indoor theaters, it’s fine to arrive at any time, and it won’t be disruptive if you have to leave during the movie.


Fortunately, because most of us don’t have our own boats, you can rent kayaks in downtown Chicago! Pay $20 for a single and $30 for a double kayak per hour. If you don’t feel like boating yourself, you can still enjoy the water with boat tours.


From antiques and quirky vintage merchandise to unique and new items, flea markets have it all. Offering a wide variety of items, you won’t leave empty-handed. If you’re willing to wake up early, head to your local farmer’s market for some fresh fruits, vegetables, and baked goods!


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