Food Reviews by Nathaniel Bahadursingh and Adan Soriano


Ever in the mood for a delicious full breakfast meal? Then you should definitely check out Yolk. Yolk is a restaurant that specializes solely in breakfast foods. The combination of an open style grill and modern decor create a wonderful atmosphere. They are very well known for their five egg omelets priced between nine and twelve dollars. The most notable ones include, Hey Ricky!, Iron Man, and, my personal favorite, The Works. These massive works of art will definitely keep you full all day, so don’t worry about not getting a bang for your buck.

However, if you’re not into omelets, Yolk has a very large menu with a wide variety of options including several eggs benedict selections, pancakes and waffles, crepes, french toast, skillets, and even burgers. The nearest Yolk to Payton is located at 747 N Wells St. Delicious food, a nice, content atmosphere, and reasonable prices make Yolk one of the best breakfast joints in the city.


Empire Restaurant

We’ve all had great Chinese food, and there’s no doubt that there are many good Chinese restaurants in the Chicago area. But not many places can offer Kung Po Chicken for $4.75, House Special Fried Rice for $4.45, and are less than five blocks from your school.

Sandwiched between Wingstop and Jimmy John’s on Division, Empire Restaurant often gets overlooked. Empire Restaurant is cheap, quick, and tasty.

They offer classic Chinese grub and serve heavy portions to satisfy even the biggest appetites. I’d suggest getting the Crab Rangoon and/or the Noodle’s With Roast Pork. Once you get past its “lackluster” appearance, you’ll see Empire Restaurant for the wonderful Chinese food joint that it truly is.

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