#1 movie horror movie in America? More like a waste of 89 minutes. After watching the 2014 horror movie “Ouija,” a movie literally about a board game, I was extremely disappointed.

Essentially, without spoiling anything, the movie is about a girl who commits suicide and her friends attempt to use a Ouija board to contact her and soon after, all hell breaks loose.

Like most stereotypical scary movies, there’s an expected twist at the end. Unlike most stereotypical scary movies, the twist in “Ouija” was terrible. After the twist, the entire story that was built in the first three quarters of the film just made absolutely no sense. The entire movie built up to make a somewhat decent story and was ruined just within the last twenty minutes.

One of my concerns with the movie was the antagonist. The ghost in Ouija could have won an award for most humane ghost ever because it did not torture its victims at all… which is what makes scary movies scary. This ghost just kills people; no tension, no suspense, just quick deaths.

Ouija was just a completely generic, one-dimensional movie and if you want to see a quality scary movie during the Halloween season, “Ouija” is not the movie to see.

Score: 1.5/5 Stars

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