The Email that Changed Payton

On November 24, 2014 at 7:39 AM, the entire student body received what started as a simple, and wholesome email. The message was a mass email was sent out by AP Microeconomics teacher Mrs. Kathryn Person, to notify students about several books that had gone missing from the classroom and ask that they be returned. The email read:


Hello students,


If you have borrowed an AP Microeconomics textbook, please return it to Room 218. I have had 4 books that have been borrowed but not returned.


It is a dusty blue color. The cover has three people gazing at some pictures. Krugman and Wells Economics, 3rd edition.



Ms. Person

Seems like no big deal, right? Wrong. The email was sent to the entire student body, thus resulting in an explosion of short worded replies from students.

Some joked that they had spotted the book in several different places

spotted 3


spotted 1

Some simply responded with “bump”



Some became irritated by the mass emails

getting mad 7


getting mad 3


getting mad 2

Some utilized the opportunity to promote their music

download my mixtape

As the night went on, it was humorously speculated that Mr. Belcaster, a former AP Microeconomics teacher, had stolen the books. The assumption was an ongoing joke throughout the mass of emails flooding students’ inboxes.


One student messaged a link to a satirical online survey of who people believed stole the Micro books.


And one submitted this artful masterpiece depicting Mr. Belcaster with the beloved booksbelca pic

Yesterday, Ms. Person’s response to the emails was with this humorous meme:

person response

As of November 25, three of the four missing books returned safely to the Social Studies department. Nevertheless, we will never forget this email chain and we realize how something so minor can become a big deal in a matter of minutes.

rip in peace

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