10 Things To do With Boo

Valentines day can be stressful if you’re left last minute planning. Here’s some ideas to ease that stress that you’ll know boo will want to do.

10 things to do with boo

Stay home and watch a movie
-Avoid high costs and the unnecessary Valentines Day stress by just spending a relaxing night in with your boo. You can enjoy all the food and bathroom breaks you want, and you don’t have to worry about getting dressed up.


Go out to dinner
-If you tryna show out for boo, take your significant other out to a fancy dinner. It’s always fun to dress up once in a while, and you can be sure your boo will appreciate the gesture.


Go to a concert together
-Rock out to your favorite band with boo at a concert. Spice up the night with an excuse to dress up and show off your best dance moves. Make all the singles jealous while you dance the whole night with the hottest boo there.


Visit a museum
– Share your favorite paintings and artists with boo, as you spend the day talking and learning new things about each other. A museum is the perfect place to spend the whole day with your boo.


Make a build a bear with boo
-Bond with boo by creating the first token of your love together. You’ll learn a little something new about each other as you both contribute ideas to make the cutest build a bear ever.


Take boo to a Blackhawks game
-There’s no better way to show off your Chicago pride to your significant other than cheering on the Blackhawks when they play the Devils on Friday the 13th. You’ll get two boo’s for the price of one as Blackhawk stars Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane take the ice, as a pre-Valentines’Day treat.


Make dinner together
– Nothing more romantic than staying in with boo and making a meal together. Mix spices as the flame inside you burns from the passion of your love. Step back and admire the hard work that went into creating a meal with your bestfriend.


Take a carriage ride downtown at night
-What’s more romantic than taking a moonlit ride through the beautiful downtown streets of Chicago. Cuddle up with boo under a blanket in the back of a carriage, and be the envy of all the singles walking the streets alone.


Go bowling
-Who doesn’t love some good old fashioned bowling. Take boo out on a casual date, and enjoy a the lighthearted atmosphere of the bowling alley, with a little competition between you and boo. Grab a pizza and some friends and make it a double date.


Spend your day together
-You don’t need a holiday to show your love for boo! Just spend the day together doing a couple of your favorite things and remember why you fell in love with boo. It doesn’t need to be a fancy date to show boo you care, just spend the day at Welles park.


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