Grizzlies Win Big at Journalism Conference

Every year in the middle of March, high school journalists’ talents are recognized at the Scholastic Press Association and McCormick Foundation Media Awards. Not to toot our own horn, but the Payton journalism community is almost always represented well. The same held true this year with students taking home eight awards, including the most coveted Journalist of the Year award. This award was won by the wonderful Ms. Samantha Cousino who was recognized for her work towards the creation of the Paw Print website, for which she also won an award for Best Web Design. Her reaction to her achievement was, “The Paw Print website has been an important development of mine for the past year and I’m incredibly honored to have my work recognized through this award.” We are so proud of all of our winners, and we hope that they will continue the history of journalism excellence at Payton in the coming years.


Here is a complete list of all the award winners:


Broadcast PSA: Luis Palacios, Brandon Taylor, Prince Roy Mosley, and Richard Piper

Community Story: Julia Huebner

Humorous Article: Will Bernstein

Editorial Column: Chloe Wilson

Broadcast Feature Story: Ronise Doss and Cynthia Valentin

Overall Web Design: Samantha Cousino

Sports News Story: Michael Mazurkiewicz


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