10 Things to Do Over Spring Break

1. Catch up on homework.

The week off of classes is the perfect time to catch up on late/missing assignments.


2. Read a book.

A lot of students don’t have much time to read during the school year. While you have extra time, why not spend it productively and stimulate your brain.


3. Go to a concert.

There’s plenty of concerts and festivals to enjoy over Spring Break.


4. Have a Netflix marathon.

Not a fan of leaving the house? Stay at home and binge watch your favorite movies and Tv shows!


5. Spend time with friends.

Too busy during the year to have solid time to hang out with friends? Use Spring Break to catch up!


6. Go on a college visit!

Not a senior? Spring Break is the perfect time to visit colleges, as most college students are just returning from their own Spring Break.


7. Spring clean!

Is your room a deep abyss you fear going into? It’s often tradition to clean your room and house to get things ready for Springtime.


8. Prepare for finals.

Although we all dread them, they’re coming up! Don’t be stuck studying at the last moment!





9. Get your life together.

Payton is a difficult school to attend, take some time off to gather yourself, and just have fun and be yourself.


10. Relax!

Spring Break is a great time for students to simply let go of the stresses of school, catch up on sleep, and focus on themselves.


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