By Editors-in-Chief Matthew Mata, Nadiyah Pate, and Paul Hayes

“When you wake-up in the morning, as a journalist you put two feet on the ground for the truth,” said Beth Bennett, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Journalism at Northwestern University. This value was the underlying message to students and teachers who attended from the Medill’s High School Journalism Day on November 6, 2015. At this event, a dozen Payton journalists and broadcasters had the opportunity to learn how to improve current techniques used in journalism and broadcasting. Students attended seminars ranging from podcast-a-palooza to improving interviewing skills.
Joseph Griffith ‘16 said, “Podcast-a-palooza introduced me how to captivate an audience in a short amount of time.”
With the launch of PNN Radio coming soon, producers of the show hope to captivate audience beyond the Payton students. In addition to learning how to improve Payton’s broadcast and radio, Editor Nadiyah Pate acquired the knowledge necessary to further engage the Paw Print readers. Led by Susan Mango Curtis, the design seminar focused on how to captivate an audience through design, color, and typography of print journalism.
After attending the seminars, Payton students were allowed the opportunity to produce the November 10, 2015 Payton morning broadcast announcements in Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism’s broadcast studio. Medill’s High School Journalism Day allowed for students all over the city of Chicago to gain insight from professionals in the field of journalism.

Payton students in Medill's broadcast studio.

Payton students in Medill’s broadcast studio.

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