Fallout 4 Review, War…war never changes, well ok it sort of did


FALLOUT 4 published by “Bethesda Game Studios” and Developed by “Bethesda Softworks”.

(Rated M for mature by ESRB)

Available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4

First person open world RPG Single player. Post apocalyptic and Science Fiction.

Released November 10, 2015, Paid Expansion packs planned

(by Jack Knabe, gameplay 11/11 to 12/16)

The introduction for Fallout reviews…the introduction never changes, except I guess I just did change it so…yeah, but carrying on from that here are my thoughts on fallout 4. The first game in the Fallout series was made by Interplay Entertainment in 1997 with a sequel the following year two games were made as spin offs in 2001 and 2004 then in 2008 Bethesda game studios took over and released Fallout 3 then in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment released Fallout New Vegas in 2010, Fallout 4 is intended as a sequel to Fallout 3 and takes place ten years after the events of Fallout 3. The Fallout series has moved from the west coast and the frontier “old west” wasteland atmosphere of the original games and now to the east coast with a ruinous urban setting filled with dangerous remnants of the world from 200 years before the bombs fell.


In comparison to previous games in the series Fallout 4 while still being an open world roleplaying game is now a sandbox as well, constuction, resource gathering, weapon modification, and settlement management are some of the things that have either been added or expanded upon from New Vegas in Fallout 4. While you can play through the entire main story campaign with barely even looking at the settlement systems and how they relate to the factions in game there is still a relatively large part of the game involving these settlements and building defenses, collecting resources, and designing them as you please, which later in the game becomes very satisfying because at a certain point you’re able to have a network of connected settlements . The combat in game is very similar to the combat in New Vegas and Fallout 3 except it’s a bit more finely tuned, It just seems as though aiming and firing is more responsive and that enemies are easier to see and track when aiming but there really isn’t much to mention about melee and hand to hand combat other than the variation in weapon modifications you can acquire through crafting or scavenging.

In my opinion one of the best things about Fallout 4 is that even with the very noticeable changes made to gameplay and how the game looks it still fits with the Fallout universe, there are still interesting locations that each have a backstory to them and help to add the tone of the game with the log entries found on computers, the characters or creatures found within, and the strange contraptions littering the ruins of Boston. Now Fallout 4 in my opinion is a marvelous game that adds on nicely to the existing collection of Fallout games but what it lacks in comparison to previous games comes from the player character, the problem with the player character is that even though they filled in some gaps that might have been left by previous games is that they filled in too many because from the beginning of the game your character already has a backstory, a primary motive, and a voice which leaves little to the imagination in the main questline. I don’t mind that they added a voiced protagonist since you’re basically saying the same sort of things you could have said in previous games but with a non customizable but still well done voice.

To conclude Fallout 4 is a very enjoyable game with well done exploration, combat, and (non player) characters set in an immersive, interesting, and satirical post apocalyptic world, but lacks in comparison to previous games in the series to what the player can do in terms of actual roleplaying and freely constructing a character.


*sidenote not everybody may be attached to the idea of having a very immersive experience with the player character and may care more about a very immersive world so if you feel you fit this description then you have very little to worry about for this game.  

Source of GIF : https://plus.google.com/photos/+KeithristVoodoo/albums/6160989989771180657/6160990218391722290?sqi=110398041063158289569&sqsi=7e0ba453-99f2-4f4b-a53b-d1963b0830c8&pid=6160990218391722290&oid=110629585784239347027


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