The following students have won prestigious Illinois Journalism Education Association awards in many print and multimedia categories. This is our first time in this contest, which only awards a single 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category across the state according to school size. PNN is honored to have been recognized:
Best News Story

2nd: Allison Cho, Camille Grandjean, & Grace McDermott – Chromebooks

Best In-Depth Story

1st: Allison Cho, Bathroom graffiti

3rd: Ciera Johnson, Minimum wage

Best Feature Story

1st: Samuel Algas, Senior Alexa Moster journeys to center stage

Best Personality Profile

2nd: Caroline Bernet

3rd: Julianna Ritzu

Best Sports News Story

1st: Grant Hauskins, Schools Form Bonds Over Cooperative Sports Teams

3rd: Connor Steel, Homecoming

Best Sports Commentary

1st: Caroline Bernet

Best Staff Editorial

2nd: Grace McDermott, Allison Cho, Camille Grandjean, stress

Best Serious Commentary

1st: Sam Algas, Want to be a big fish or little fish?

3rd: Grace McDermott, In CPS We Trust

Best Review

1st: Cole Robbins, Music Review: Prima Donna EP an experiment

HM: Cole Robbins, Music Review: Yes Lawd!

Best News or Feature Photos

2nd: Annel Lopez, Black Box theater

3rd: Veronica Gibson, Senior 17

Best Sports Photo

1st: Annel Lopez, Girls water polo season is off to a powerful start

Best Alternative Storytelling

1st: Cami Grandjean;  From Grizzly to Lion: Payton sends first Division I football player to Columbia University

Best Use of Social Media

1st: Grace McDermott & Allison Cho & Camille Grandjean

Best Headline

HM:Grace McDermott

Digital Categories

Best Multimedia Story Package

1st: Caroline Bernet, Annel Lopez, Carlos Eloisa & Joey Li

Best Video Story

1st: Carlos Eloisa, Joey Li, DJ Seminar Visits Concord Music Hall

2nd: Devaughntaé Hooks, Brittney Hughes, Dyamond Jones, Sarah Rezko, Emily Walton & Dionne Johnson, What’s Cookin’

Best Website

1st: Allison Cho, Camille Grandjean & Grace McDermott, paytonpawprint.com

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