Grizzlies Defeat Rauner Wildcats 35-12 at Homecoming


The Grizzlies pause to reflect before the homecoming game. Photo by Veronica Gibson


The Grizzlies are tackled in the second quarter of the homecoming game. 

Photo by Veronica Gibson


The Grizzlies football team ended the regular season memorably, defeating the Rauner Wildcats 35-12 in an exciting Homecoming and Senior Night game on Thursday, October 12. Seniors Eli Geleerd, David Seward, Moises Salgado, Erik Haneberg, Carlos Eloisa, Ben Lohman, Negus Abebe, and Salaar Pourkhalili clinched the game against Rauner.

Paw Print: Do you go to the Grizzlies games frequently?

“I go to every one.”

“No, because I don’t attend sports events.”

“No, this is actually the first football game that I have gone to.”

“This is my first one, and I am a Senior.”

“No this is my first time.”

Paw Print: Why don’t you go to more of the games?

“It’s just the price of the tickets, and then sometimes they play a bit too far away from home.”

“Because they cost money, because it’s far away, and because it’s really cold.”

“It’s thirty minutes away from the school, and it takes me an hour to get home.”

Paw Print: Do you think the games get promoted at school?

“I think the important ones are the playoff ones, the Homecoming ones, and the Kickoff one, but like the regular season games not really.”

“Well, it depends on who you talk to. So at the pep rally today it was kind of hyped. Normally the Homecoming games are the ones that are the most promoted or like if there is a really important game they would probably get hyped.”

“I feel like they don’t receive a lot of recognition at school and there’s a lot on social media.”

“Maybe the Homecoming game. I doubt that anybody goes to the other ones besides this.”

“Yeah, a lot of my friends always talk about them, and they always want me to go.”

Paw Print: Why do you think the games aren’t as promoted?

“Two reasons. Number one probably because Lane is far, and number two, they are just like regular games.”

“I think probably because Payton is an academic school, not really a sports-oriented school.”

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