Students Attend Illinois Global Scholar Summit




By Will Foster ’20

Several Payton students attended the Illinois Global Scholar Summit on Saturday, hosted downtown at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Dozens of students from around the Chicago area spent the day discussing what it means to have a global perspective, and to be able to appreciate the diversity of circumstances and beliefs throughout the world.

Local teachers, including Payton’s own Ms. Alicia Gonzalez, as well as young adults from other countries interning in Chicago, moderated the group discussions.

Taylor Kass ’18, the president of Payton’s Global Action Club, was in attendance. Said Kass, “It was great to hear people from so many different backgrounds talking about the issues that affect us all.”

The day started with a performance by┬áthe local hip-hop dance group Kuumba Lynx, whose slogan is “Liberation Through Artistic Expression.”

Afterward, students split off into various workshop groups, including one that involved mask-making to explore identity and another that discussed peaceful conflict resolution.

The former is pictured here:

After lunch, Usra Ghazi of the U.S. State Department delivered a speech about her Muslim identity:

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