Multimedia Glimpse: Students with Visual Impairments

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by Hank Fritzmann, Sarah Tani, and Pablo Padilla, Staff Writers


Tips and Tricks for Helping Students with Visual Impairments

By Pablo Padilla, Staff Writer

As a visually impaired student I have to say that the Payton community is very safe, welcoming, and helpful. The staff as well as the student body are very understanding of assisting others.

I would like to address the following concerns in order to make navigation throughout the building easier for all students:

  1. Leaving backpacks or other items in the middle of the hallway causes people to be disoriented while using their landmarks when trying to get around. Landmarks include room numbers in braille, lockers, walls, and openings that can be sensed by changes in sound.
  2. Being moved away from the railing while using the stairs causes people to get confused and not know where the ending of the stairs is located when going up or down. Not knowing where the end of the stairs is located can cause people to fall when the stair rail is not being used effectively.
  3. Standing in the middle of the hallway with small groups can cause difficulties for people to find the doorway to a certain class during passing periods.
  4. Leaving backpacks or other items all over the floor inside a classroom is a problem because when trying to walk around the room, people can fall and hurt themselves.
  5. Standing against the lockers on seminar days during passing periods is another problem because it is very difficult for people to know where their seminars are located.

The next time you see someone using a cane, do not jump over it or be scared of it, just notify us that you are near.

A Trip to the Resource Room

by Hank Fritzmann, Staff Photographer

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