Boys Basketball Senior Night Is a Slam Dunk


By Grant Hauskins, Editor

Boys basketball senior night was a 79-54 victory against Alcott on January 24. Erik Haneberg ‘18, Vince Scalise ‘18, and Xavier Escalante ‘18 of Payton’s Varsity basketball were celebrated, and Assistant Coach Anthony Cai ‘18 was honored in front of a cheering crowd of parents and students.

Vince Scalise ‘18 went 4/7 at the three point line, dropping deep threes towards Payton’s lead. Scalise is a senior captain in his fourth season with the Grizzlies. Alongside Scalise was Erik Haneberg ‘18, who brought both physical offense and defense, securing four big rebounds for the Grizzlies and complementing Scalise’s technical style. Scalise and Haneberg contributed to the game with their scoring too, 13 and 12 points respectively.

Xavier Escalante ‘18 did not play in the game due to an injury sustained in the first week of practice. Escalante has not played a game this season, but was present at senior night at the scorer’s table. Escalante said,  “I am honored to have been recognized [at senior night] despite not being able to play and am excited with the great turnout.”

Anthony Cai ‘18, the team’s assistant coach, stated that the seniors would leave behind a legacy of “hard work and grit that will be handed down to younger players.”

Spectators were excited to see what the ceremony had in store, with the introduction of the seniors generating applause from the audience. Timmy Li ‘18 said, “The ceremony was mad decent.”

Boys basketball is 11-10 this year, and 7-2 in conference.


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