Under the Sea: Homecoming 2018

On September 22, Payton students set up for Homecoming where royalty was crowned.

Photos by Veronica Gibson

By Pilar Kelly

Staff Writer

If you scrolled through Instagram in the days following Homecoming, it was most likely swimming with pictures of Payton students amidst a backdrop of mermaids, crabs, and seaweed strung around the atrium.

This year’s “Under the Sea” Homecoming dance was an impressive success thanks to the dedicated members of Student Government, whose time and effort translated into flawless organization and decoration.

The dance featured colorful ocean-themed props, a free photobooth, and a talented DJ.

The Homecoming dance seems to improve every year since it was relocated to the West gym from the atrium.

Many seniors recall their freshman year Homecoming in the atrium as being a unique and fun experience. But as the population of Payton grew with each incoming class, the dance was forced to be relocated to the West Gym.

This change wasn’t received well by students at first; many juniors and seniors reminisce disdainfully about the 2016’s “Enchanted Forest” Homecoming dance that was defined by its technical difficulties. 

“Freshman year’s Homecoming was un-lit because the lights were lit,” said Mary Ellis ‘20. “It was not vibes,” she said.

The 2017 dance was a considerable improvement, with the lights successfully turned off in the gym leading to a more enjoyable experience for many students. This year’s dance had all the elements to make it one of the best so far.

“There was a big turnout this year, so it was pretty fun, and it was on par with the legendary freshman year Homecoming,” said Collin Butler ‘19.

The lights were strung strategically from the ceiling to give the impression that students were really “under the sea.”

“The decorations felt so real- they were beautiful! I felt like I was the Little Mermaid,” said Katherine Midura ‘20.

Additionally, the music selection was diverse enough to please a wide range of music taste. About John Denver’s classic “Country Roads” that played, Jorge Flores ‘20 said, “It is the best song of all time.”

There was a substantial amount of dance and hip-hop music, as expected, yet treasurer of Student Government Sam Brody ‘20 explained, “We wanted to make sure everyone felt included, so with the music the DJ played, we made sure it was inclusive to all identities and cultures.”

Students could be seen having a good time dancing with their friends and dates for the duration. The Homecoming dance was a fun night of music, pictures, and pizza that was much appreciated after a stressful return to classes. The school-wide event provided a rare opportunity for all students to come together on the dance floor as a community.

“We really just wanted to use this opportunity to welcome the new freshmen,” Brody added. “We wanted to celebrate the fact that we are a tight-knit, great community,” he said.

The only concern left is how next year will top “Under the Sea.” This year’s execution surely made September 22 a night to remember for many.

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