Payton Welcomes 11 New Teachers

IMG_5664 (1)

By Will Foster ’20

Payton’s faculty will feature 11 new teachers this school year, two of whom are Payton alumni. The new teachers are as follows:

Sonia Abrego – Counseling

Joella Birch – English 

Marcella Bonnan – World Language

Kari Bridgeland – Math

Dave Dvorak – Technology

Jonathan Jacka – Computer Science

Curtis Nunnery – PE/Health

Tiffany Childress-Price – Science

Mirelle Rivera – World Studies

Aidan O’Dowd Ryan – Science

WeiJian “Ben” Xu – Technology (Computer Programming)

On Monday all Payton teachers reported to school to prepare to welcome students back for the 2019-2020 school year next Tuesday. The new members of the faculty were introduced during a faculty meeting in the library. Several of them are pictured (standing) here:


Photo by Paw Print Staff

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