Shakes and Fries and Take Out, Oh My!

While the food review team had the pleasure of enjoying these tasty take out treats before the quarantine, it doesn’t mean it’s too late to enjoy them from the comfort of your home! Every restaurant mentioned in this article offers contactless take out, as well as delivery right to your door! Portillo’s also has their famous drive-thru, but you should be cautious before following that option, as the line of cars waiting for their order has often been down the block. It is also extremely important to help out restaurants during this troubling time. While businesses like McDonald’s and Wendy’s might not need the support, smaller chains like Five Guys would most likely benefit from your order! 


Two Views on Five Guys 

By Sophie Salem

Five Guys is known for consistently delicious burgers, great service, and only a short bus ride away from school. Most importantly, Five Guys is home to fantastic fries and milkshakes. When the bag of fries is greasy, you know you are in for a treat. The fries are made from fresh potatoes and fried in peanut oil, which makes them taste like no other. Not only are the fries tasty, but they are plentiful. Fries spill out of the cup into the bag so you are never left unsatisfied. Five Guys milkshakes are also one to beat. You can’t top the thickness and flavor packed into one of their chocolate shakes. The one disappointment of this taste test was the fry dipped in milkshake result. Yes, on their own, both were good. But together, they just didn’t meet the sweet and savory balance I was looking for. The fries weren’t complimentary of the chocolate shake, so if you are looking for the perfect pair to satisfy your cravings, Five Guys isn’t the place for you.

By Luke LoSasso

 If you crave mediocrity…get yourself some Five Guys. The “fresh potatoes fried in peanut oil” may seem like they would shape up to be a delicious, golden brown delight, but I assure you they don’t. As for the shake, it’s an honest 4.8/10. The top three inches of the Five Guys’ chocolate shake has the consistency of shaving cream, and if you think they make it up with excellent flavor, you would be sorely mistaken. Anyone could make a better shake if they were equipped with ice cream and some Hershey’s chocolate syrup. With the reputation Five Guys holds, to say I was disappointed would be an understatement.



By Magda Saliba

In a rush and craving some greasy, affordable fries? The iconic Golden Arches will satisfy your desire in under two dollars for a large order. McDonald’s serves crispy slivers of salty potato that are as addictive as they are delicious. Dip those babies into a chocolate shake and you’ll be smiling for days. McDonald’s also serves an intriguing seasonal Shamrock Shake, which causes much debate amongst the student body. Harper Robbins ‘20 referred to the shake as “toilet cleaner.” When asked about his opinions on the Saint Paddy’s day treat, Louie Taiber ‘20 mentioned that “it’s always been a childhood dream to be able to eat toothpaste, the forbidden fruit of the bathroom. With the Shamrock Shake, I can finally fulfill that fantasy.” In general, McDonald’s is the go-to for delicious, cheap fries. While their shakes are controversial, they still make for a good time.



By Koki James

Founded in Villa Park in 1963, Portillo’s has been an icon in the Chicagoland area ever since its inception. Well-renowned for its Chicago-style dog, the restaurant also offers great options for other fast-food staples such as burgers and fries. On top of the typical options, Portillo’s offers a chocolate shake that comes with a twist: it’s made with their delicious chocolate cake. The shake is unlike any that you’ve ever tried before. What other shakes do you know that turn into cakes halfway through drinking it? 

Moving on from the amazing shake, the crinkle-cut fries are perfectly salted and soft, sure to fill you up. The fries, while delightful on their own, complement the shake perfectly. The way that the sweetness of the shake contrasts the saltiness of the fry is an unimaginable experience. Words cannot describe the deliciousness of this combination; you’ll have to try it to truly understand. While unfortunately too far from Payton for off-campus lunch, Portillo’s is still close enough to the school for a nice after-school bite, so make sure to put it on your list of places to go with your friends before you graduate.


Small Cheval 

By Hayley Owens

Small Cheval is definitely a Payton student’s best option. It’s not the closest food place to Payton, but it’s definitely not far enough to be considered inconvenient. It was most liked by the review team across the board. The fries were the best and the milkshake was unanimously top three (qualifier, the milkshake tastes the yogurt sometimes, I will say; Portillo’s shake is better). If you want to immediately change your bad day into a good one for just $3.85, go to Small Cheval, order fries, and then fill up a couple containers with their garlic aioli. Small Cheval—their burgers, fries, or shakes—is definitely a must try for anybody who spends four years of their life around Old Town.



By Max Mogilner

There has been a recent string of “reliable favorite” winners for the food review. McDonald’s won the chicken sandwich review. Unos won the pizza review. This is exactly why I believe Wendy’s is the ideal shake and fry joint. Wendy’s shake, to start, is the perfect consistency: thick enough so that it isn’t too runny, but creamy enough that its consistency isn’t off-putting. The fries are simple but delicious with the perfect amount of salt (unlike Five Guys, which wants to raise my blood pressure). But, together is where the fries and shake really shine. The saltiness combined with the creamy frosty makes your brain explode. Overall, Wendy’s shakes and fries can easily out taste any others.


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