At Home Food Review: The Perfect Takeout Dinner

Creating the perfect takeout dinner is quite a difficult task. Many agree that it does not suffice to simply order from one restaurant. Rather, we believe that one must order from many different establishments to design a delicious five course meal. During these uncertain times, it is extremely crucial we support our local restaurants as well (and remember to order straight from the restaurant if possible, as avoiding secondary delivery services maximizes your support of the intended establishment). Here are our recommendations for the perfect meal. 


by Magda Saliba, Staff Writer

Any food connoisseur understands and appreciates the value of a good salad before beginning your meal. From light garden vinaigrettes to heavy Cobb salad dressings made of blue cheese and cream, the possibilities for your salad delight are endless. While many people enjoy large chain establishments, like Sweet Green, that mass-produce salads across the country, during this time it is more important to order from local restaurants, as these establishments often don’t have multiple locations to keep them afloat. If you’re in the mood for a salad with a sweet flavor, Marge’s Still on Sedgwick offers a fairly good pear and strawberry salad with a light vinaigrette that will leave you wanting more. Their portions are huge and can easily be shared amongst two to three people, and the quality of food makes it worth the higher price. In the end though, simply making your own salad is the most cost effective and satisfying. A simple Greek dressing takes five minutes to make and can last for tons of salads for over a week. 


by Joey Pinkert, Staff Writer

This is where the fun begins. After you finish your salad, why not spice your night up with some chicken wings from my personal favorite wing spot: Buffalo Wild Wings. The best part about the wings is the customization aspect that their competitors lack. Wanting a classic? Go with the usual buffalo or barbeque sauces. Feeling adventurous? Try the teriyaki or wild flavors. While I love to mix up which sauces I get on my wings, my particular go-to has to be the Asian Zing sauce. It’s spicy, flavorful, and leaves the recipient wanting more. Chicken wings are the perfect mini-meal to indulge in before the main event. 

Main Course

by Max Mogilner and Luke LoSasso, Staff Writers

For the perfect main course, we decided to order from The Smoke Daddy in Wrigleyville, at 3636 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60613. The Smoke Daddy is the classic American barbeque joint, with a wide choice of menu items, from rib tips to Cajun-style fish. We decided to order the pulled pork sandwich, and the burger. The pulled pork sandwich was fantastic. The meat was tender and delicious, the sauce was sweet and tangy; it checked all the boxes for a perfect pulled pork sandwich. The burger was just as, if not more, delicious. The beef was cooked to a perfect medium, and they managed to make one of the juiciest burgers I had ever tasted, that didn’t need a sauce to be delicious. Overall, The Smoke Daddy is a fantastic barbeque restaurant with a versatile menu.


by Hayley Owens and Sophie Salem, Staff Writers

Cake (or cupcakes) from Jennivee’s Bakery at 3301 N. Sheffield Ave. is the perfect dessert for any and every occasion! You can buy cake by the slice, and it is SO good; there isn’t much else left to say. It is guaranteed to uplift your spirits in any situation. From the staple Tres Leches cake, to their more fun, sporadically available flavors, you can’t go wrong at Jennivee’s Bakery. Also, if you’re bored in quarantine, the owners of Jennivee’s Bakery competed on the Netflix baking show Sugar Rush, so you can watch them on season 1 episode 2, “Kids in a Candy Store.” Now after reading this and searching the menu, you may be thinking, $8 for a slice of cake? Really? But rest assured, it is a giant slice of heaven that will leave you more than satisfied.  Even if you don’t think of yourself as a cake person, once you have that first taste there is no going back. 

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