Most Popular Social Media Apps during Quarantine

By Wyatt Harley, Staff Writer

It’s a digital age, and many of us are trying to fight boredom by going on social media apps all day, especially during the quarantine. It’s one of the only ways we can connect with others during these troubling times.

Ever wonder what is the most popular social media app amongst Payton students? Well, in a poll taken with over 90 grizzlies, TikTok is the most used social media app by grizzlies during the quarantine, with 34.4% using TikTok the most. Snapchat and YouTube took second and third place with 28.9% and 20% respectively.

So why are these three apps the most common amongst Payton students? Sean Richards ‘23 says he uses TikTok the most because “it’s a never-ending supply over hilarious videos.”  Kalea Ponce ’21 uses Snapchat the most because “most people are on Snapchat, and it’s the easiest [way] to interact with others.”

And finally, Ryan Thomas ‘21, said he uses YouTube because “it has a large collection of past sports games that I was able to watch in order to fill the void of the lack of sports.”

In the same poll, another question asked was how long on average people spend on their most used social media app. 34.4% use their app for 1.5 to 3 hours, 25.6% of people used an app for 30 to 1.5 hours, 21.1% used an app for 3 to4 hours, and 17.8% of people use an app 4 or more hours each day.

There are many social media apps out there, but many people use the same few apps. Was your favorite app one of the top three?

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