Quarantine Fashion

By Lincoln Becker and Molly Pfeifer, Staff Writers

Everyone’s daily routine has drastically changed over the past few months due to staying home 24/7. Whether it be our sleeping habits, amount of exercise, or even the clothes we wear, quarantine has impacted us. We decided to deep dive into people’s wardrobe choices as they navigate life in the time of a global pandemic.

Some people have the goal to stay comfortable while at home, and opt for sweatpants, sweatshirts, and fuzzy socks. Katie Schumacher ‘21 explains that her goal has been to “stay cozy.”

However, this has not been the experience for everyone. Those of us who love to wake up in the morning and pick out cute trendy outfits have been faced with turmoil. Because these individuals cannot show these outfits off like they normally would, their solution has been to dress up for simple outside activities, such as going to the store.

“The highlight of my quarantine is getting dressed up to go grocery shopping,” said Gracie Simoncic ‘21. “It’s literally the only time I’m not in sweats.”

This mindset seems to be common amongst Payton students. Katherine Midura ‘20 stated that, although she has been wearing a lot of sweatshirts and leggings, “whenever it’s really warm out or sunny, I like to dress up a bit more, even if the only place I’m going is my backyard.”

Quarantine has been a tough time for everyone, especially when it comes to motivation and not wearing everyday clothes has further hindered our abilities to get things done. As Bea Hawkins ‘21 puts it, “I like to put real clothes on like I would go to school or work or to hang out with friends,” said Hawkins. “It helps me feel more motivated and gives me a sense of normalcy.”

When life starts to go back to normal, expect members of the Payton community to bust some serious fits!      






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