A Letter from Your’s Truly

By Bella Watts, Editor-in-Chief

To whom it may concern,

It is with a strong understanding of my moral failing that I write to you this letter, wrapped in positivity not as a distraction for my actions but to express falsified sincerity. Let’s hope it works. Oh, great and wonderful people powerful enough to fall in the folds of my palms and crumble at the dawn of something almost invisible — how incredibly thankful I am to have seen your perseverant minds pour to greet each new day of me. Thrust into a state of not so controlled chaos with not so complacent peers, your newfound hobbies of baking bread, and voluntary cognitive dissonance is so inspiring. Let’s hope you take those gifts to meet my sister, but I bet she will have an opportunity to craft new ones should you want to forget your burnt bread and broken spirits at the door. Swirling in fits of angst, I hope you have learned to appreciate each other, for the indispensability of life is well, indisputable yet laughable if you’re above it all. Right? Now, though this boss’ review has come two months junior, I hope it serves as a notice for a kindly regarded request for an improvement. As you hauntingly reawaken your social and professional images, please unbox your cordiality along with it. Please, my story — oh sorry — I mean our story, needs a satisfactory conclusion. Find your rationality, your empathy, your determination and for God’s sake, know what day of the week it is. It’s October, after all! The bend is just around the corner and my end is brewing with uncertainty, but just know the cards are all in your hands. May the odds ever be in your favor. I know I have been tough, a bit of a jerk but not as much as I have been stubborn, but my goal was to keep you painstaking initiative bunch on your toes. I hope you broke a sweat because, after all, that’s what I am all about. So let me leave you with this for your taking, leaving or amusement; be good, act wisely, and think true. I will be watching. And only I can tell, after all. Cheers to redemption!

Always here,


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