Photo Gallery: Students adapt to hybrid learning

U.S. News ranked Payton as the No. 4 best high school in the country and No. 1 for Chicago and Illinois for student proficiency, graduation rates, and AP testing.

(Photo by Edgar Diaz ‘21)

Despite extensive planning and cautionary protocols, students were not socially distanced when waiting to enter the school on the first day of hybrid learning. 

The next day, students whose advisory rooms were in the West building could enter through the west doors, which shortened the line of students waiting in future mornings.

(Photo by Aaron Faier ‘22)

General education Chicago public high school students had not experienced in-person classes since March 2020.

Hybrid learning began on Apr. 19, 2021. To meet CDC guidelines, teachers arranged desks to socially distance students.

(Photo by Alexis Park ‘24)

Friends of Payton organized a raffle for Payton community members to choose Principal Resh’s hair color. The fundraiser raised over $2,000. She revealed the winner’s choice on the first day of hybrid learning.

Principal Melissa Resh previously worked as an Assistant Principal at Lake View High School before coming to Payton. This was her first year working at Payton.

(Photo by Edgar Diaz ‘21)

Water fountains could not be used by in-person students or staff due to concerns about the possible spread of the Coronavirus.

(Photo by Bridget Galibois ‘24)

Mr. Louis Wu utilized technology to better connect his in-person and remote students.

Teachers were asked to promote interaction between in-person and remote students to keep either group from feeling disadvantaged during hybrid learning. Many teachers used cameras to show in-person students to those on Google Meet, and in-person students could see their remote classmates through a television or projected on a screen.

(Photo by Madison Bratley ‘21)

Mr. Eric Kuchii started one of his PE classes by telling remote students about the asynchronous workout of the day.

(Photo by Riona Duncan ‘23)

One of Mr. Kuchii’s PE classes had four in-person students for the first week of hybrid learning.

Students were required to wear their mask for the entire school day, unless they were actively eating or drinking.

(Photo by Riona Duncan ‘23)

Remote students attended class through Google Meet.

Mr. Byron Espinoza set up cameras so that remote students could see their teacher and in-person classmates during his AP Computer Science Principles class.

(Photo by Madison Bratley ‘21)

Music classes continued during hybrid learning, and music students eventually were allowed to bring instruments inside of the building.

(Photo by Alexis Park ‘24)

Payton band students used specialized COVID-19 equipment to play among their peers during in-person learning. Students wore masks that included a hole for instruments to be played through and used covers on the air hole of instruments prevent the release of particles into the air.

(Photo by Vivian Kaleta ‘24)

Students enjoyed their first meal at the school in over 13 months. How the school would navigate lunch was a concern some students had when returning.

(Photo by Aaron Faier ‘22)

WGN interviewed Albert Addo ‘21 after the first day of in-person learning for general education high school students in CPS. Mayor Lori Lightfoot also held a press conference at Payton that day.

(Photo by Edgar Diaz ‘21)

The Greenhouse is kept under lock and key but teachers with keys will allow you permission to be there for a lunch or to have a quiet break with an amazing view.

(Photo by Edgar Diaz ‘21)

Use the west elevator in the east building to get to the fourth floor to reach the Greenhouse and Observatory, but expect a wait and no elevator music.

(Photo by Edgar Diaz ‘21)

Senior Brandon Cheng, a member of PALS, eager to meet his freshman advisory in person.

(Photo by Edgar Diaz ‘21)

The fourth floor in the  East building has limited accessibility to discourage wandering students and amatuer photographers.

(Photo by Edgar Diaz ‘21)

The East gym is home to the jungle gym that no student has gone on in years. Archery and rock climbing is also taught in this space.

(Photo by Edgar Diaz ‘21)

One of the largest additions with the West building, the West gym is where a majority of the sports equipment is stored and the weight room is located. In a normal year, students would attend homecoming in the West gym.

(Photo by Edgar Diaz ‘21)

Ed’s Payton Tips-

– Payton is a teacher school, so talk to them, know what extracurriculars they support, and connect with them. It can open opportunities as your interests and involvement expands.

– Everyone needs a hobby, so share yours if you can.

-Keep your locker organized for more space. 

-Prepare for high and low temperatures throughout the school day.

-Do what inspires you.

(Photo by Edgar Diaz ‘21)

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