BREAKING NEWS: Students set to return to class on Wednesday

By: Aaron Faier, Editor-in-Chief

After four days of no school for most students, all CPS students are set to return to in person learning on Wednesday.

The Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools have appeared to reach a tentative deal to bring students back into classrooms.

 As negotiations continued throughout the afternoon, there was optimism that a deal would be reached between the Union and the school district. Earlier a car caravan in the Loop was organized by teachers to protest CPS’s decision to lock teachers out of their Google accounts. Later this evening, it was announced that a tentative deal was reached, with the Union’s House of Delegates voting 389-226 to return to classrooms. 

This vote is not final, however. Rank and file Teachers Union members must approve the deal before there is a finalized return to in-person schooling. While the deal awaits final approval, teachers will be returning to buildings on Tuesday with access to their Google accounts, and students will return on Wednesday. More updates will follow.

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