Paw Print’s wins at the 2022 McCormick and Chicago Scholastic Press Association City Journalism Awards

By Bridget Galibois, Copy Editor

The Payton building, as seen on the first day of school for the 2021-2022 school year.

On Thursday April 7, the day before students went on spring break, the Payton Paw Print was recognized at the City Journalism Awards. The Paw Print won awards for best overall website design, best original editorial cartoon, and best community story, among others.

The award ceremony, hosted by the McCormick Foundation and the Scholastic Press Association of Chicago, was held online for the second year. The ceremony featured guest speaker Charles Whitaker, Dean of the Northwestern Medill School of Journalism, who encouraged student journalists to keep investigating their interests and sharing stories that matter through reporting.

The Paw Print received 12 awards at the ceremony, with Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Ravanas taking home three awards, and Copy Editor Vivian Kaleta and contributor Natalie Soutonglang taking home two awards each.

The team that reviewed the Paw Print praised the student news organization for “creative range of news and information… from news about COVID-19 to hard-hitting opinions to sports to lunch spots to comics.”

Additionally, Paw Print sponsor Ms. Abi Wilberding received the McCormick Foundation Fellowship Teacher Award, granted to the top teacher advisor of a high school publication.

Around the same time, the Paw Print also passed another major milestone: more than 100 pieces were published this school year. This is more than the amount published online in each of the last four school years.

See below for the award-winning pieces published by the Paw Print.

Community Story Superior Achievement (1st Place)

“The effect of gun violence on a student’s daily life”, by Copy Editor Vivian Kaleta

Original Editorial Cartoon Superior Achievement (1st Place)

“Mask-wearing gets grizzly”, by Contributor Liam Willis

Computer Graphics Excellent Achievement 

“Finding a club at Payton”, by Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Ravanas

Special Coverage Excellent Achievement 

“Breaking News: CTU Work Action”, by the Editorial Board (Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Ravanas, Editor Aaron Faier, and Copy Editors Megha Khemka and Vivian Kaleta)

Staff Editorial Excellent Achievement 

“Op-Ed: Illinois’ new mental health days won’t work at Payton”, by Staff Writer Anna Calkins

Opinion Piece Excellent Achievement

“Op-Ed: Standing up and walking out: Why students are questioning leadership and safety in schools”, by Contributor Natalie Soutonglang

Non-Sports Photo Excellent Achievement 

“Students gather outside the school before heading downtown to the all-city demonstration”, by Contributor Natalie Soutonglang

Sports Feature Story Excellent Achievement 

“Payton’s transformation: a sports school”, by Contributor Hadli Joyce

Overall Website Superior Achievement (1st Place) – Paw Print Staff

Overall Web Design Excellent Achievement – Paw Print Staff

Overall Newspaper Full Size Excellent Achievement – Paw Print Staff

Overall Layout Full Size Excellent Achievement – Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Ravanas

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