Animal Society at Payton helps animals find their path

Can you find the path to these holiday animals? Have you found yourself teary-eyed after one of Sarah McLachlan’s animal abuse commercials? If you care about the mistreatment of animals around the world, the Animal Society at Payton- ASAP for short- is perfect for you. ASAP is a club open to anyone interested in learning about injustices that animals face every day in our city … Continue reading Animal Society at Payton helps animals find their path

Pumpkin Palate

By Allison Cho and Claire Luning Staff Writers Although leaves are just starting to change colors, pumpkin panic is in full swing. Here is a quick guide to taste the best pumpkin around Payton. Pumpkin Donut (Dunkin Donuts): Those who annually look forward to Dunkin’ Donuts’ fall pumpkin menu won’t be disappointed. The glazed pumpkin cake donut is back, packed with all of the flavor … Continue reading Pumpkin Palate

Payton Football Coaches Leaving to Coach Lane Tech

The Payton Grizzlies football team experienced a big loss recently as the coaching staff chose to resign their positions as the coaches of Payton and move on to coach the Lane Tech Indians. Head coach Anthony Faltin has been with the Grizzlies for the past seven years, where he has taken the team from the bottom straight to the top. When he accepted the job … Continue reading Payton Football Coaches Leaving to Coach Lane Tech

10 Things To do With Boo

Valentines day can be stressful if you’re left last minute planning. Here’s some ideas to ease that stress that you’ll know boo will want to do. 10 things to do with boo Stay home and watch a movie -Avoid high costs and the unnecessary Valentines Day stress by just spending a relaxing night in with your boo. You can enjoy all the food and bathroom … Continue reading 10 Things To do With Boo

The Email that Changed Payton

On November 24, 2014 at 7:39 AM, the entire student body received what started as a simple, and wholesome email. The message was a mass email was sent out by AP Microeconomics teacher Mrs. Kathryn Person, to notify students about several books that had gone missing from the classroom and ask that they be returned. The email read:   Hello students,   If you have … Continue reading The Email that Changed Payton

Review: “Last Chance High”

“Last Chance High,” a new documentary series from Vice, chronicles the lives of students at CPS’s only therapeutic day school, Moses Montefiore Academy. The school’s purpose is to educate troubled teens who can not succeed in a traditional learning environment due to their behavioral problems. The documentary portrays the students without voiceovers or intervention from the journalist to tell the life of each individual from … Continue reading Review: “Last Chance High”