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Opinion: Broadcast Must Remain a Club

By Efren Ponce
In a recent editorial piece, the case was made to reinstate the journalism classes at Payton given the tragic reality of cuts happening across many high schools. As explained in the article, decisions made by the incoming administration following the end of Principal Devine’s term forced the Payton Paw Print and Payton News Network (PNN) to each become clubs run by students. The editorial presents […]

EDITORIAL — Keep the first draft of history alive: Reinstate Payton’s acclaimed newspaper and broadcast classes

In February 2020, WBEZ reporter Adriana Cardona-Maguidad produced a story about the decline of Chicago public high school newspaper programs, titled “Keeping First Draft of History Alive in Chicago Public High Schools.” She visited Payton’s newspaper class to record a student pitch meeting, and in her story she said Payton was one of the few Chicago public high schools with a “thriving newspaper.” That fall, Payton’s newspaper and broadcast classes disappeared.