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EDITORIAL — Keep the first draft of history alive: Reinstate Payton’s acclaimed newspaper and broadcast classes

In February 2020, WBEZ reporter Adriana Cardona-Maguidad produced a story about the decline of Chicago public high school newspaper programs, titled “Keeping First Draft of History Alive in Chicago Public High Schools.” She visited Payton’s newspaper class to record a student pitch meeting, and in her story she said Payton was one of the few Chicago public high schools with a “thriving newspaper.” That fall, Payton’s newspaper and broadcast classes disappeared.

Meet the new teacher: Ms. Wilberding

By Bridget Galibois and Ryan Thomas, Contributors
“At Payton, there seems to be sometimes a divide between student engagement in class and … what students are passionate about outside of class, in the world. And I want to build a bridge between those two things,” Ms. Wilberding said. Ms. Wilberding is one of the new English teachers […]