“Fighting fire with fire” English Department caught using ChatGPT to grade student work

By Bridget Galibois, Editor-in-Chief

ChatGPT and other artificial learning bots could be replacing Payton English teachers in the grading process. (Image created with DALL·E by Bridget Galibois)

In order to increase efficiency in the grading process, the English department has begun encouraging teachers to use ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence models to evaluate student work. However, this process was recently flagged as “possibly unethical” by the Illinois Board of Education, and Walter Payton College Prep will undergo further investigation.

Meanwhile, nearly 100% of AP English Literature students were found to have used AI learning systems at some time, such as ChatGPT, to complete work. One such senior student mentioned, “I’ve always been ethical with the papers I write for my English class, I write them myself. ChatGPT is simply helping me in the process.”

Parents have taken a different approach. “I’m really frustrated that English teachers have not taken the opportunity to teach teens that AI is intrinsically negative and is only hurting their performance in schools,” said a parent.

When asked to comment on this situation, AP English Literature teacher Mr. Chau appeared indifferent. “I don’t know why parents are hot and bothered about teachers using ChatGPT to grade student papers written by ChatGPT. You have to fight fire with fire,” he stated.

AP English Language teacher Ms. Howard believes it’s also important to consider another perspective with regards to artificial intelligence in grading. “We have to ask ourselves: is it that teachers are misusing the AI tool or is it that they’re tired?”

Moving forward, until the results of the IBE investigation are released, the Payton administration announced that the next Seminar day, April 26, will be extended for students and they will be released at 5pm. During this extended time, Payton students will be attending mandatory training on combating so-called “AI plagiarism.” Additionally, they will be responsible for producing a cumulative 10-page research paper on the history of plagiarism to be due at the end of the day.

This article is satire.

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