Payton’s Place: Streaming Near You

By Megha Khemka, Bridget Galibois, and Vivian Kaleta; compiled by Megha Khemka

Walter Payton College Prep is home to a diversity of students, faculty, and administrators that interact with each other on a daily basis and define the character of the school. But what are Grizzlies’ experiences across grade levels and professions actually like, and what do their lives look like outside of their shared time in the building? To find out, we asked an underclassman, an upperclassman, and an administrator to document what a single school day looks like for them, from the moment they wake up to when they go to bed. Sophomore Madeleine Spanbauer, Senior Aidan Elliot, and Assistant Principal Dr. Ansari gave us a window into their lives this March.

Students’ morning routine includes sitting down for a bowl of breakfast, while Dr. Ansari prefers a cup of coffee.

It’s below freezing, so Grizzlies bundle up on the way to school.

Grizzlies go about their mornings, following a familiar schedule but learning new things from each other each day.

Students and admin alike take time during the day to eat lunch and catch up with their peers.

Once the dismissal bell rings, Grizzlies’ paths diverge. Some participate in extracurriculars or hobbies, such as Aidan, who practices wheel gymnastics. Others, like Madeleine, do schoolwork and relax at home. Dr. Ansari wraps up things at school before heading home.

Witness Aidan’s wheel gymnastics skills in action, as seen at Payton’s recent talent show.

As in the mornings, every Grizzly has their own nighttime rituals at the end of a long day. After a hard day’s night, they get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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