Celebrating Payton journalism: The Paw Print and PNN win big at the 2023 McCormick and Chicago Scholastic Press Association City Journalism Awards

By Paw Print Staff

The Paw Print Editorial Staff took home awards for Payton journalists. Left to Right: Community and Culture Staff Writer Anna Yang, Staff Writers Annya Kong and Madeleine Spanbauer, Tech and Photo Editor Rhea Makkuni, Junior Editors-in-Chief Bridget Galibois and Megha Khemka, and Managing Editors of Community and Culture Vivian Kaleta and Olivia Sampson.

For the first time in four years, the Payton Paw Print attended the Scholastic Press Association awards ceremony at Northwestern’s downtown Medill campus. 

The event featured a panel of current Northwestern journalism students, as well as current local news reporters, such as guest speaker Mauricio Peña, a Chicago Chalkbeat reporter. Peña encouraged student journalists to pursue stories that other forms of media haven’t reported on yet, and to highlight unique experiences of individuals through journalism.

Junior Editors-in-Chief Bridget Galibois and Megha Khemka, and Managing Editor of Community and Culture Vivian Kaleta, also competed in “writeoff” competitions during the day, which gave them 50 minutes to write an article (feature, sports news, or editorial) based on a given situation.

The SPAC committee reviewed Paw Print’s second print edition of the school year from December 2022, which featured stories about youth and politics, recycling, and op-eds about student equity. The judges enjoyed how the edition “highlight[ed] stories that don’t shy away from potentially controversial topics,” and recognized it with an Excellent Overall Website award.

Payton journalists received 12 awards at the ceremony, with Bridget Galibois receiving five awards, along with Megha Khemka and Senior Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Ravanas taking home three awards each.

Additionally, Galibois received a student fellowship from the Scholastic Press Association of Chicago, along with a grant to attend a summer journalism program.

See below for the award-winning pieces published by the Paw Print.

Staff Editorial: Excellent Achievement

Op-Ed: Lunchtime at Payton doesn’t serve student equity, by Senior Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Ravanas

Personality Profile: Excellent Achievement

Once a Grizzly, always a Grizzly: Payton alum reflects on returning as a teacher, by Junior Editor-in-Chief Megha Khemka

Community Story: Excellent Achievement

“I’ll be the judge of that!” Student election judges on the 2022 midterm elections, by Junior Editor-in-Chief Bridget Galibois

Opinion Piece/Column: Excellent Achievement

Starting school later? That’s the dream (or is it?), by Managing Editor of Community and Culture Olivia Sampson

Infographic: Excellent Achievement

Halloween Zodiac, by Arts and Entertainment Editor Anna Calkins

Broadcast Feature Story: Excellent Achievement

Encountering Ecuador, by PNN Executive Producer Julianna Mokaya

Sports Photo Superior Achievement (1st Place)

“Spirit for Seniors” (from the article Seniors, spirit, and celebration: The 2022 fall sports pep rally), by Photo Editor Peter Albu

Non-Sports Photo Superior Achievement (1st Place)

“Before the Surf” (from the article Rolling up the red carpet: A recap of the 2022 Homecoming Dance), by Photo Editor Peter Albu

Overall Newspaper: Excellent Achievement

Paw Print Editorial Board (Senior Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Ravanas, and Junior Editors-in-Chief Bridget Galibois and Megha Khemka)

Overall Website: Excellent Achievement

Paw Print Editorial Staff (Senior Editor-in-Chief Isabelle Ravanas, Junior Editors-in-Chief Bridget Galibois and Megha Khemka, and Website Editor Andrew Sassower)

Write-Offs: Best Feature

Bridget Galibois

2023 Scholastic Press Association of Chicago Student Fellowship

Bridget Galibois

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