PE Waivers to become obsolete at Payton

By Madeleine Spanbauer, Staff Writer

Coach Escobar takes joy in the new policy to require four years of P.E. for all Payton students.

For years, PE waivers have been a prized possession of juniors and seniors who take part in a Varsity sport. The waivers enabled upperclassmen to skip out on their physical education requirement, and fill it with an elective or other class of their choosing. This system has proven extremely beneficial for all students because it lets them take all of the classes that they would desire, without compromising the graduation requirements set in place by CPS. However, members of administration have started to question the amount of exercise that students are getting through their sports, and believe it may be beneficial for all students to take a PE class, regardless of their sports status. This means that PE waivers will no longer be given out to rising juniors and seniors taking part in a varsity sport.

Cyriana Lara ‘25, a member of the Payton Track and Field team, thinks that PE classes are unnecessary to students in sports. “PE waivers are essential to an athlete’s vitality. What’s the point of exercising if you’re gonna exercise more?”

Another member of the Track and Field team, Emily Cheng ‘25, agrees with Lara and said, “PE classes are such a big waste of time especially for those who have very hard workouts every day.”

According to the Illinois Department of Education, all students are required to take part in four years of physical education. This is because exercise is incredibly beneficial for adolescents; it can improve blood flow, release endorphins, and can even improve memory and cognition. Having PE for all four years of high school will certainly help all students to feel happier, and healthier.

Coach Escobar is in favor of the new changes, and said, “I’m ecstatic that they got rid of the PE waivers, and I think that PE should be four years long. If you could do six years, I would do six, but four is what every student needs in this school and in the state of Illinois. I’m really happy that we’re going with the four years instead of the two.”

PE waivers are a coveted part of the Payton community, and soon to be a relic of the past. While some are sad to see them go, others are excited for the new opportunity that more physical education could bring. Soon, the HIIT workouts with Coach Nunnery, yoga with Ms. Bertoni, and futsal with Coach Escobar will become an integral part of students’ everyday lives.

This article is satire.

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