Column: Tatted Up Teachers, part 2

By Olivia Sampson, Managing Editor of Community and Culture

Have you ever noticed a teacher with tattoos and wondered why they got them? Payton teachers have a variety of designs on their skin, and the Paw Print was intrigued to learn about some of their favorites.

Clockwise from top left: Mr. Armattoe’s memorable “The Road Not Taken” quote, Ms. Annunzio’s dolphin designs, Ms. Annunzio’s daughters’ names inked with star designs, and Ms. Kat’s favorite Elmo tattoo.

Ms. Annunzio

“I have my daughters’ names tattooed on me, so clearly that is a fav,” PE and health teacher Ms. Annunzio shared. “But the two small dolphins on my ankle may be my favorite….it was my first tattoo, and the design was based on a charm that my brother bought me, the first gift he bought me with his own money when he was 15. He knew I loved dolphins and bought it for me for my 16th b-day.  2 years later the necklace charm broke and I lost the gift, so I found a photo of me wearing the charm and took it to the tattoo parlor to have a tattoo designed based on the gift.”

Ms. Kat

Ms. Kat, the Director of Climate and Culture at Payton, has four tattoos. “My first one, Elmo, I got as a 30th birthday present to myself.” she explained, “I have loved Elmo since his beginning because he always asks ‘Why?’ He is effervescent, he is kind, and he is red, one of my favorite colors.”

Mr. Armattoe

“I have a tattoo of a segment of Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken,’ and it’s my favorite for a couple of reasons, paraprofessional Mr. Armattoe shared, “The first reason being it acts as a reminder not to be afraid of new or uncommon opportunities, but also because Frost wrote this poem as a joke for a friend who was often indecisive and regretful when it came to choosing a walking path. A joke hidden in something taken so seriously matches my vibe and that’s why I love this tattoo!”

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