Payton’s Unsung Hero

Athletic trainer, Ryan Anderson, prepares for the day's athletic practices.

Athletic trainer, Ryan Anderson, prepares for the day’s athletic practices.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be Superman, or even wonder what it would be like to meet such a person? Actually you don’t have to look too far for someone like that.

Superman specializes in using his powers in helping people and saving the world; but how about Payton’s athletic trainer Ryan Anderson?

He has been working at the school for three years and has been present for most of Payton’s athletic events, all the injuries Payton’s athletes have suffered, and even when someone just needed a band aid.

Many of Payton’s athletes are able to compete at high levels because they are healthy and taken care of properly. Payton’s athletes know just how helpful and how important he is to Payton athletics: “I love Ryan. He’s really sweet and understanding. Without his help I don’t know how I would’ve made it through a serious injury I suffered last year,” said Olivia Piazza ’15.

Paw Print: What made you want to be an athletic trainer?

Ryan Anderson: “It all started in high school. I had an athletic trainer who taught a class and that’s when I became interested. I also was involved in many sports at the time and I wanted to do anatomy so I guess it all worked out.”

PP: How long have you worked here at the school?

RA: “Three full years so far and this year is going to be my fourth.”

PP: Worst injury ever witnessed?

RA: “An open ankle dislocation.”

PP: How long do you usually work each day?

RA: “About 1:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m., or whenever the last practice ends. Sometimes I’m working in the clinic in the morning on some days also.”

PP: Best part about being an athletic trainer?

RA: “Being able to help people with their injuries and get them back to their sport.”

PP: Worst part about being an athletic trainer?

RA: “Not being able to cover all the sports teams by myself since there are so many teams.”

PP: Favorite athlete of all time or recently?

RA: “I’m a Packers fan so it used to be Brett Favre but after that whole issue with that I guess it has to be Aaron Rodgers.”

With Ryan, the lives of Payton’s athletes are a little sweeter and a little easier. Ryan dedicates enrichments to teaching people about the field of athletic training and what it’s like to be an athletic trainer.

If you’re ever around, stop by his microscopic office near the lunchroom and say “hello.”

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