Student of the Month: Jason Alexander Meekins ‘14

A musician, entrepreneur, aspiring Rastaman, and full-time student, October’s Student of the Month is none other than Walter Payton senior Jason Meekins.

Senior Jason Meekins shows off what Jah has provided this fall.

Paw Print: Jason, you seem like a pretty busy man. Which of your hobbies really brings some light into your life?

Jason Meekins ‘14: Yeah, I’m a pretty busy guy, but recently I’ve been really into selling socks. If anyone is trying to cop some nice socks, they can find me after school and I can hook them up.

PP: Sock-selling! Sounds like an exciting hobby. What prompted you to jump in on the sock business?

JM: You know, I think it’s because I just had no money. I was constantly broke. Also, nobody sells socks—it was an open market.

PP: As an entrepreneur, how do you decide your price range?

JM: The socks I’ve been selling are five dollars a pair. They’ve got all different signs and logos; they sell pretty well.

PP: And you just…had the socks, right? You just already had a ton of brand new socks and now you’re selling them?

JM: Uh…yeah. That sounds about right.

PP:  😉

JM:  😉

PP: Great! Tell us about your fade. How tall is it?

JM: Oh, the fro? I don’t know, I guess I’ve never measured it. I’d say it’s about four inches. Three to four.

PP: If there was one thing you could sneak through airport security in your fade, what would it be?

JM: Probably a big bottle of shampoo. Like bigger than the ones they usually let you bring. I’d have unlimited shampoo.

PP: Well, it’s good to know you’ve got your priorities in line. Speaking of priorities, what’s your number one goal in life?

JM: I started reading up on Rastafarians, you know, like Bob Marley and stuff. Everything I was reading just made me think of myself. I just thought, that’s where I need to be, you know what I mean?

PP: Jah.

JM: Nice wordplay!

PP: Thanks. As for your musical inclinations, what instrument(s) do you play and how long have you played?

JM: I’ve been playing percussion for about nine years. Classical, acoustic drums. I’ve also been trying to learn piano and organ too; all I play is gospel. I also make beats.

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