Restaurant Review: Burke’s Bacon Bar

Having been open for about a month, Burke’s Bacon Bar, located at 610 N. Rush St, just south of Payton, offers an intriguing concept reinforced by a myriad of tantalizing sandwich options. Of course, the focus of the restaurant is the different types of bacon, which can be added to enhance a variety of gourmet sandwiches such as Reuben or Beef  N’ Cheddar. Each of these sandwiches, called “handwiches” because of their smaller size, are made with  locally sourced ingredients such as fresh produce and homemade condiments. Customers are encouraged to order several sandwiches to experience a wider variety of flavors and concepts. Even though the restaurant’s style clearly does not condone a vegetarian lifestyle, all sandwiches can be made meatless. In addition, an array of vegetarian soups and salads are available. After finishing your meal, bacon is incorporated into dessert as well, via tempting creations such as bacon chocolate chip cookies and bacon peanut brittle. Located in the Gold Coast, there is a chicness to the restaurant mixed with a rustic flair. Although it is small, it is dense enough to house a plethora of meat related signage and décor, along with a decent amount of wooden tables and chairs. In addition to food, fun retail items are sold such as bacon shaped tattoos and bacon scented toothpicks. Burke’s has a fun yet slightly sophisticated aura, and the perfect balance between classy gourmet, and casual, hearty comfort food. Do not be afraid to “pig out!”

Burke's sandwiches are tasty, refined, and fun.

Burke’s sandwiches are tasty, refined, and fun.

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