The APG welcomes new members


The APG (Alternate Political Groups) is a  club dedicated to exploring current and historical political ideas not necessarily represented in the mainstream media. The APG was created by Anna Christianson ‘14 and Rebecca Stover ‘14 during the 2012-2013 school year and is sponsored by Mr. Baldwin. Taking place during enrichment, APG activities include engaging in debates, talking about current events, making political artwork, and letter writing to local political leaders.

Last year the APG had Bill Ayers, a founder of the Weather Underground (a protest movement against the U.S. involvement in Vietnam), come to Payton and speak to members of the club about war, protest, and his philosophy on education. In addition,the club has published a zine, a short informational magazine, filled with a collection of blurbs and political cartoons created by club members. This year the APG plans to get more input from the student body and put together more zines with a range of different artwork and commentary.
With more events and activities on the horizon, the APG is opening its doors to students interested in sharing their creative and political thoughts.  Club leader Anna Christianson said, “we created the APG in order to provide people with a wider framework with which to view politics besides just the traditional Democratic and Republican ideology.” The club convenes every other Tuesday in room 320 and encourages new people to sign up.

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