Godzilla Makes A Comeback



Recently, I saw the premiere of “Godzilla.” The newest version of the 1954 classic “Gojira” is action packed, filled with monster-sized fights, crumbling buildings, and blood curdling screams from both humans and animals. At first, I was skeptical of the film, simply because the original was not up to par with modern movie technology, and the plot seeming childish and immature. But after viewing the trailer, complete with suspenseful pangs of deep bass sounds and mere silhouettes of the great beast, I felt I should give it a shot.

To be sure that my judgement wasn’t failing, I checked Rotten Tomatoes, my favorite quick critiques, to see what they rated the new Godzilla movie. Surprisingly, Rotten Tomatoes critics gave Godzilla an 84%, and said that 98% of people wanted to see it. The glowing report consisting of one red tomato number convinced me to see its premiere at the AMC Village Crossing Theater in Skokie.

During the movie, I was surprised by one actor in particular. Bryan Cranston, who plays the dad of the main character in the film, played his part with a sincerity and passion that I did not see in other actors and actresses within the film. Cranston’s genuine emotional connection with the role impacted me as a viewer and benefited the film immensely. The monsters were equally good, brilliantly designed and personified in the movie. At one point, the viewer roots for Godzilla in his fight against the two other monsters, hoping that he comes out as the victor.

As the credits began to roll and the lights came back up in the theater, I thought to myself that seeing Godzilla was overall a good decision. Although I admit that, with the exception of Cranston, that the acting was average, and there were a few rather silly moments in the dialogue, the captivating combat combined with a simple storyline worked well for the second remake. Godzilla, truly an icon of the past, has risen anew in this new film, and accompanied by his signature high pitched screech, he is sure to rock the box office and come back for a sequel in the next few years.

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