Payton Baseball Playing Strong After Rough Season

The Payton baseball team has always shown a lot of promise. They have been in one of the top conferences in the city for the last several years. Their sophomore team came in the top four in the city playoff tournament last year, losing to the city champs, Lane Tech.

And at the beginning of this year they had hopes of having a winning season with a star studded lineup led by team captains Ivan Chen ‘14, Eric Seward ‘14, and Christopher Huerta ‘15. However, it seemed at the beginning of the season as if fate was against them. Due to the freak weather, the team wasn’t able to play their first game until during spring break, after other teams had already finished some games and while several starting players were away on exchange trips.

Their lack of field usage and practice time provided them with a rough start. Slowly but surely, they started improving their play, playing seven inning games that were only decided by a few runs. The baseball team received their first win of the season against Brooks, beating them 4-2 in late April. This was one of three wins they had all season, the other two coming from wins against Schurz.

Despite the poor record they had to show for all the hard work that they put in, they received a fourteenth seed in the city playoff tournament. They came out ready to play in the first round against Corliss, who they trounced 10-0 by slaughter rule in 5 innings. They then lost to Simeon, a three seed and notoriously good team, in seven innings where the end result was decided by a mere three runs.

“I really feel like this team has come together since the season started. No one is expecting us to do anything big at this point, but we are prepared to make tidal waves in the next round of playoffs,” said Zack Veitch ‘16.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer 2Their state playoff run will begin following the Memorial Day Weekend.


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