“Fangirl”: A Good Summer Read

By Lileana Calvillo Staff Writer photo1Cath is eighteen and off to her first year of college, but she’s not looking forward to it with the same giddy anticipation as her twin sister, Wren. Instead, Cath is facing freshman year with dread, peanut butter jars, and energy bars. Split into the first and second semester, Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl tells the story of Cath and her journey through freshman year.

Cath and Wren, though polar opposites, have been inseparable, but now that it’s time for college Cath is left on her own with her somewhat surly and blunt sophomore roommate Reagan, and Reagan’s ever present friend Levi. Cath would much rather be back at home with their dad writing her “Simon Snow” fanfiction. Having grown up with the “Simon Snow” series, Cath has become very involved with the fan community. She’s most well known for a story she’s been writing for over a year.

Getting off to a shaky start, the only part of college that Cath is really looking forward to is her Fiction Writing class. Other than that Cath spends most of her time in her dorm. As Cath’s freshman year progresses she begins making friends with her roommate Reagan as well as Levi, along with a boy from her fiction writing class who may not be as nice as he lets on.

“Fangirl” was a cute, quick read as well as being relatable in one way or another. Whether it’s from the nerves of being somewhere new and on your own for the first time, first relationships, or your favorite book series finally ending, there’s something in Fangirl for everyone.

The book also approaches fan culture and everything that comes along with it in a very positive way, showing how much a series can impact people and bring them together. With excerpts of things Cath has written and parts of the real “Simon Snow” books in between each chapter, they added something interesting to the book and almost made me wish the “Simon Snow” series was real.

Though there are a couple loose ends that don’t get tied up, they don’t hinder the book and are instead left up to the reader to decide what happened. If you’re looking for something to read over summer break, think of picking up Fangirl.


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