Girls Volleyball Advances to City Semifinals

Payton Girls volleyball easily defeated AgSci in two sets to advance to the City Semifinals this Thursday. Senior Marlee Nork started the game with a 3-0 run. Alina Rosales bounced the team back after two unfortunate errors with a no block kill. The game stayed close until senior Bridget Hayes gave the team a needed boosts. After helping her team get the next point, she went on to a 5-0 run, putting Payton ahead 12-7. This energy carried on ending the first set with Payton winning 25-14.

The second set displayed not only the team’s stamina, but also their fight. The game started off with Junior Olivia Rozmus blocking an overpass while killing the next one too, giving Payton a 2-0 advantage. Payton’s future was looking good with the team pumping out a 10-5 run against a still aggressive AgSci. At 13-5, senior Marlee Nork suffered a devastating blow to the stomach after an amazing rally by both teams. This lead head coach Joel Anderson to put in sophomore Allison Lettiere. Fellow teammates Juliana Ituralde (‘16) and freshman libero Ally Powrie helped ease Allison’s nervousness by shutting down AgSci’s defense with perfect defensive plays met by strategic kills. Junior Lila Ammarell aided to Payton’s success with a veteran move late in the game by crushing the ball to the deep corner of the court, which stopped AgSci’s offense for the night. The final score was 25-10. Payton’s next opponent is Whitney Young this Thursday at 6:15 pm at Kenwood High School.

Ally Powrie ('18) serves an ace.

Ally Powrie (’18) serves an ace.


Payton prepares to serve-receive

Molly C. ('17) serves .

Molly C. (’17) serves .

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