5 Tips for Surviving the 5 Day Week

The dreaded five day week is upon us. Here are some tips for survival:

1. Prioritize
To make the most of your limited free time, prioritize your work. Do the biggest assignments in your earliest classes first so you can finish the rest during lunch if needed.



2. Make use of enrichments
To create more time for work, sign up for enrichments you can actually talk to teachers and do homework in. Because Payton has those.



3. Schedule in time for yourself
Five day weeks are stressful. Do something to de-stress every day so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Courtesy of hellogiggles.com/best-date-ever-with-yourself-ideas


4. Gain some perspective
At other high schools, five day weeks are normal.

bish whet


5. Spontaneously Combust
You know, if all else fails.



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