A Senior’s Perspective

If you talk to any of the current seniors, there’s a good chance you’ll run across a pretty stressful topic: college applications. As one of those seniors, I can tell you that they are all I’ve been thinking about for the last couple months. Besides the fact that they’re so time-consuming, college applications also bring up a small point of contention: I’m not as special as I thought I was before.

Going into the application process, I thought I was a solid scholarship contender. My ACT score was good, my grades were decent, and I had been in on a year-round team for three years. As I started to fill out these stress-bundles, though, I found that there were a lot of sections I was forced to leave blank. Academic achievements, for example, caught me off guard: taking APUSH didn’t count as an academic achievement? Why not? Shouldn’t going to Payton making my academics special enough?

Apparently not. So, a piece of advice to freshmen and sophomores: seize all the opportunities that you come across. Find a club or sport that you’d like to try out, and stick with it. Seek out fun volunteer opportunities (they DO exist. Look into the Park District, you’ll be surprised). Take AP Psych instead of Honors Psych, because, really, they’re the same class.

Don’t do things to necessarily build your college resume, but do them to experience the best of high school. The worst feeling is filling out your college applications and realizing that you could have done more with your four years.

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