What Payton students are thankful for

By Amela Kalezic and Brenda Quach

Photo by Pulaw on Flickr


Thanksgiving is typically a holiday where Americans gather together with their families, feast on turkey and stuffing, and dedicate the time to reflect on what they are thankful for. Everyday blessings tend to be taken for granted, and Thanksgiving serves as an opportunity for people to appreciate the good things in life. We’ve asked Payton students what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.


“I’m thankful for all my dancers in Latin Dance Fusion because they’ve helped me make my last three years in Payton memorable.” -Karina Perales ‘15


“I’m thankful for cars because they are possibly the greatest thing in the world without a doubt” – Sebastian Perez ‘15


“I’m thankful for the ‘Friends’ TV show because they are the best binge watching show” – Sarah Javid ‘16


“I’m thankful that my cousin’s baby got delivered safely because there have been a lot worse, and everything was fine. I’m thankful that I’m a fast runner otherwise Claire would have cracked her head open yesterday when she fell out of her [cheerleading] stunt. I’m also thankful I’m a good catcher because then Claire would have cracked her head open last practice. What else? Thankfully, nothing’s getting bombed or blown up since there are a lot of problems in the world.” – Alicia Maynard ‘16


“I’m thankful for the friends that made my confidence grow freshman year.”  -Alexis Roman, ‘17


“I’m thankful for my friends and family because they’re there to support me and love me.”

– Blair Ellis ‘18


“I’m thankful that I have money to travel down here because I live an hour away” – Micaela Foreman ‘18


Payton kids clearly have a lot that they’re thankful for, from beloved ‘Friends’ to beloved friends. What are you thankful for this year?

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